Privacy Policy

This document provides information about how we do privacy, security, and cookies.

Scout takes your privacy seriously, and we're committed to ensuring that your personal information stays in your control. Because data is central to what we offer developers, it's important that you understand what it is exactly that you're providing us.

Scout's services revolve around the data you generate in games (such as your stats and achievements), as well as your social connections with other players, and the information you share with them. Please read the sections below to understand more about how we collect, share and use your personal data.

What we collect

Central to Scout is the collection of data. Our systems collect gaming data such as your personal stats for the games you play, in game achievements, the matches you've played, and who you've played them with. There is also information you create directly on our service; this includes information you provided during registration (such as your email address), and information present in your profile, such as your name and gaming personas (Xbox Live gamertag, PSNID, etc.)

How we collect data

Our collection systems in charge of collecting gaming data are automated systems which generally use data that is made available to us on an individual basis by the game developers. Information being available to us does not imply an agreement with the game developer, however.

Data that is created directly as part of Scout's services such as user-provided profile information (email, name, gaming personas, etc.) are collected in whole or in part by Scout's data services. These data services are used by Scout and by applications (Scout apps) that have registered on Scout's application platform. Often information you provide to Scout apps is shared with Scout. This allows us to build a better understanding your presence on Scout and various other gaming platforms. A few examples of sharing that can happen are as follows, however this is not an exhaustive list of possible scenarios:

  • You use an app that uses Scout services. The app asks you to sign into Scout and provide your (for example) Xbox Live gamertag. The app may then share the association of your Scout account and your Xbox Live gamertag with Scout. This enables us to present that gamertag to you next time the same or a different a Scout app asks for your gamertag.
  • Your presence in a Scout app is reported to Scout, which we then use to show other users which app you're using.
  • You submit yourself to a leaderboard in a Scout app. That leaderboard may be controlled by Scout's data services. If that leaderboard is controlled by Scout, it may be available in another Scout app, and thus you will show up on that other app's leaderboard even if you have not used that other app.

How we use the data we collect

Your personal data such as your name, email, friends, personal game stats, gaming personas, etc. are used to create a better understanding of who you are as a gamer, a "profile". With your permission, we then share this profile with applications that use Scout's data services.

Data is also used to improve our products and services, and to provide you with personalized experiences. Personalized experiences include (but are not limited to) things like personalized communication (emails), or to show more relevant ads through our platform.

How you can limit the information we collect and share

Any Scout app that wants to know who you are must explicitly ask your permission before your information becomes known to them. While Scout does provide you with the ability to prevent a Scout app from identifying who you are explitly, we do not prevent apps from indirectly accessing public information about you or your Scout account. This means an application can acquire certain public information about your Scout account without your explicit permission. What you choose to disclose publicly in your profile is your choice. Additionally, information collected by our game data collection systems is made available without limitation to Scout apps. We believe this information is public by nature (someone other than you should be able to view your game stats, for example.) If you live in a country with stricter data privacy laws, we may expose additional privacy options to you in order to fulfill any legal obligations.

Use of contact information

Where applicable, Scout may use the contact information you've provided us (such as your email) to communicate with you. Communications may include transactional email, marketing material, or other information related to our products and services. For all non-transactional communications, an unsubscribe option will be available at the end of the communication (bottom of the email.)

Disclosure of your personal information

Scout may disclose your personal information if:

  • We need to comply with any court order, law, or legal process, including to respond to a government or regulatory request.
  • We believe disclosure is appropriate to protect the rights, property, or safety of Scout, our customers, partners, or others.
  • We need to enforce our Terms of Serivce.

Change of business ownership or business transition

In the case of an acquisition, merger, or sale of our assets, your information may be transferred in whole or in part in accordance with applicable privacy laws.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

Periodically Scout will make changes to our Privacy Policy. These changes will likely be minor, but they may be major and will be conducted at Scout's sole discretion. We may or may not communicate changes to you (usually depending on size of the change) – so we encourage you to check back from time to time and review this policy.


Scout employs strong security in order to protect your data wherever possible. You are fully in control of your personal information on the Scout platform. No app can access your personal information without your explicit consent.

Cookies + data stored on your computer

We use cookies and other local storage technologies to store small amounts of information on your computer. We use cookies to track your identity on Scout and Scout apps. Cookies are essential for "signing in" functionality. If you do not wish for us to use cookies on your computer, unfortunately you will be unable to use our services.

Additionally, our ad providers also use cookies to serve you relevant and targeted ads.

If we have set cookies on your computer and you wish to have them removed, please follow the instructions provided by your browser's help section.

We store data (in the form of cookies and other local storage technologies) for the following reasons:

  • Security. Without cookies we are unable to identify you and authenticate your identity across our services.
  • Ease of use. Often times cookies are used to remember certain decisions you've made in the past which you will likely have to make again in the future. For example, remembering which language you want Scout services to be in. Or remembering your gaming account in a Scout app when you haven't signed in.
  • Personalization. Cookies may be used to remember personalization decisions you've made, or we've made for you. For instance, whether or not we should show a new feature walkthrough to you.
  • Testing. We may use cookies to remember choices we've made in testing different features or website/app updates. Known as A/B tests, these tests often change the appearance of the website. We use cookies to ensure you receive a consistent experience.
  • Analytics. We use cookies for analytics, which track how, when, and what aspects of Scout you're using.

Unsure? Ask us.

If any of the information we've provided to you on this page is unclear, please feel free to send us your questions. For support regarding your privacy, please send an email to