About Scout

Scout was built as a response to a growing trend of individually lead creative projects being built to serve gaming communities. As long-time builders of fan-sites for various video games, we saw a unique opportunity to maximize the potential of our peers who were building apps and websites like ours.

Scout was built to make it easier for community leaders (who have some technical skills) to create fun and engaging experiences (apps + websites) to be enjoyed by the rest of the community.

Scout is a software development kit (SDK) for web and app developers. Developers use the Scout SDK to pull gaming data (player stats, recent matches, leaderboards) into their application.

Interested in learning more about Scout, or want to speak to someone directly? Please contact us at

Brand Assets

Assets are available for use in any media. We have a few colour variations at varying resolutions, as well as an EPS source file if you require a vector image.

Color Palette

Scout Blue (#325FFF)
Scout Slate (#495270)
Scout White (#FAFCFF)
Scout Midnight (#171A23)


When using the Scout logo, attention should be paid to the color choice of the logo. The white logo should be used on dark pages and content, while the black logo should be used on light pages and content. If the colour of the page / content is unknown or mixed, consider using the logo with the blue blackground.

Full Logo

Generally speaking, Scout's full logo should be used in contexts where Scout isn't a known entity.

EPS / PNG (512, 2048)
PNG (512, 2048)
PNG (512, 2048)

Logo Mark

The Scout logo mark can be used in contexts where a compact format is preferrable, and the user is likely familiar with the Scout brand.

EPS / PNG (512, 2048)
PNG (512, 2048)
PNG (512, 2048)