Rainbow Six Siege API




Platform: psn, xbl, uplay

Use the player's regular Xbox gamertag, PSN ID, or Uplay handle.

Data Segments

Rainbow Six Siege data segments are currently limited to the player's overall stats, as well as their rating for each season. Overall stats a part of the root player object. Seasonal rating stats are segmented using a key in the following format: {region}.{season}

An example of the segment format above would be Year 3, Season 1: apac.y3s1

Operators are not yet supported, however we are working to include support for operator specific statistics. The segment key format for that data has yet to be determined.

Below is a full list of the available segments:

  • apac.current
  • apac.y2s1
  • apac.y2s2
  • apac.y2s3
  • apac.y2s4
  • apac.y3s1
  • apac.y3s2
  • emea.current
  • emea.y2s1
  • emea.y2s2
  • emea.y2s3
  • emea.y2s4
  • emea.y3s1
  • emea.y3s2
  • ncsa.current
  • ncsa.y2s1
  • ncsa.y2s2
  • ncsa.y2s3
  • ncsa.y2s4
  • ncsa.y3s1
  • ncsa.y3s2