Fortnite: Battle Royale API




Platform: epic, psn, xbl
Console: ps4, xb1

The most stable solution is to ask for users' in-game (Epic) username (set platform to epic) In this case, you should also provide the console parameter (leave it empty/null if PC), to indicate for which console the user would like to get stats. We are also able to search by Xbox gamertag and PSN ID if that is preferred.

Data Segments

Fortnite's player stats are divided into segments, of which one is typically specified when you call our API. Fortnite's segments in Scout follow a specific pattern, which is described below.

Here is an example segment key for Fortnite: Here we see a few different parameters are being specified inside this segment key. The first is p9 which is the playlist key. The next is br - this is the mode (Battle Royale). The third parameter is actually unknown to us at the moment. It's just m0! The last parameter is the window, in this case alltime is the total for the entire duration of the player's Fortnite career.

You may use any combination of playlist, mode, and window in order to fetch a player's stats. Alternatively, we also provide aggregate data at the root level segment.

Below is a full list of the available segments:

  • (Solo, All-Time)
  • (Duo, All-Time)
  • (Squad, All-Time)
  • (Solo, Current Season)
  • (Duo, Current Season)
  • (Squad, Current Season)

Additional Data

The following resources are also available. Thing resources are dynamic and thus you cannot specify the returned properties.

Daily/Weekly Store

Use either daily or weekly as the first parameter.

  • GraphQL