Call of Duty: WWII API




Platform: psn, steam, xbl

Use the player's regular Xbox gamertag, PSN ID, or Steam ID. The player's playerId may change if they change their handle. Because of this, we recommend using the stable Persona ID instead, which will not change.

Data Segments

Here is an example segment key for COD: WWII: mp.lifetime.ctf The first parameter is mp which stands for multiplayer. The next is lifetime - this indicates we want lifetime career statistics (currently the only option). The third parameter is the playlist. In this case, ctf is Capture the Flag.

The root player object provides detailed aggregates of the player's career across all playlists. You can access the root statistics by simply not providing a segment key in your request.

Below is a full list of the available segments:

  • mp.lifetime.gun (Gun game)
  • mp.lifetime.dom (Domination)
  • mp.lifetime.hp (Hardpoint)
  • mp.lifetime.war (War)
  • (Deathmatch)
  • mp.lifetime.conf (Kill Confirmed)
  • (Search and Destroy)
  • mp.lifetime.demo (Demolition)
  • mp.lifetime.ball (Ball)
  • mp.lifetime.ctf (Capture the Flag)
  • mp.lifetime.dm_hc (Hardcore Deathmatch)
  • mp.lifetime.conf_hc(Hardcore Kill Confirmed)
  • mp.lifetime.sd_hc(Hardcore Search and Destroy)
  • mp.lifetime.dom_hc(Hardcore Domination)
  • mp.lifetime.war_hc(Hardcore War)