Use our web SDK to add Scout stats to your website without server-to-server communication. Fetching stats client-side enables a much higher request limit as the limit is applied to each user's computer, not each of your servers.

Step 1: Add the SDK

To add our SDK to your website, add the following line to the end of your <body>
Note: do not download this file, please leave the script tag below exactly as it is. We make occassional bug fixes to the SDK which may not be reflected in the SDK version.

  • Web SDK (HTML)

Step 2: Configure the SDK

Use the credentials provided to you on your application's settings page. Once this asynchronous configuration call completes, we can begin making calls to the Scout API. Scout uses promises, so feel free to use ES7 async/await instead.

  • Web SDK (Javascript)

Step 3: Making Your First Call

Below is an example of making a call to get the titles supported by Scout.

  • Web SDK (Javascript)